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BarkeeZ is 100% Canadian and was first launched in 2016. Our objective is to give an exceptional experience, superior quality and value for our clients. We have always wanted to give our pets the best possible treats to keep them in good health. All BarkeeZ treats are produced and packaged in Canada to be distributed to you, our friends. The founders of BarkeeZ have had many pets throughout the years (see the below pictures), so they wanted treats with natural ingredients and flavors so that they would know exactly what kind of treats they were giving their beloved four-legged family friend.

The packaging is full of color making it easy to find BarkeeZ treats on the store shelves. This plan was to help identify them quickly on the shelves so you don't need to spend time looking through hundreds of packaging to find them. The clear packaging lets everyone see exactly what they are purchasing for their pup. The ingredients of the biscuits were carefully thought out so that they would be small enough as a training treat to put in your pocket, and they are non-greasy so your pockets stay clean as well as your hands!

Being Canadian means we are culturally diverse. Canadians are proud of their heritage, like the Eskimos, maple syrup, beavers and the colors of fall. BarkeeZ developed treats that understand how we feel as Canadians; the love of our country and everything in it. Keeping our four-legged friend in good health and happiness as we treat them with BarkeeZ dog treats.

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